About our school

Eco Schools

West hill Primary School is very proud of its status as an Eco-School.

In November 2014, we were awarded our 4th Eco Schools Green Flag. We achieved all Green Flags for the ethos of care for the environment which we have created at the school, and for the considerable improvements we have made to our school environment as a result, and we continue to work within the Eco-Schools Framework

For our 4th green flag, we had to pass each of the Nine Topics including

  1. Transport
  2. Waste
  3. Water
  4. Litter
  5. School Grounds
  6. Healthy Living
  7. Energy
  8. Biodiversity
  9. Global Citizenship

Have a look at our Eco Audit and some eco evidence that we have gathered over the last 2 years to support our application

We have an excellent Eco Team which meets formerly twice each term to discuss ways to make our school even more environmentally friendly. The team consists of two children from each year group, members of staff, governors, parents and members of the local community. Awareness raising by the Team has ensured that every member of our school community takes responsibility and plays their part in our Eco work, which falls into the following categories: litter, energy, water, waste, transport, healthy living, school grounds, biodiversity and global perspective.

In June 2008, we reached the South West Regional Finals of the National Teaching Awards in the Sustainable Schools category. We received a ‘Commendation’ for all the work we do to open the ‘8 Doorways’ of the Sustainable Schools Framework. The 8 Doorways are: Doorway 1: Food and Drink Doorway 2: Energy and Water Doorway 3: Travel and Traffic Doorway 4: Purchasing and Waste Doorway 5: Buildings and Grounds Doorway 6: Inclusion and Participation Doorway 7: Local Well-Being Doorway 8: Global Dimension

The Government would like all schools to be ‘Sustainable Schools’ by 2020. At West Hill we endeavour to put Sustainable Development at the heart of learning by creating a culture of care for ourselves, care for others and care for the environment.

During 2007-2008, we made a successful application for a ‘Leadership of Sustainable Schools’ award sponsored by The National College for School Leadership (NCSL) and ENCAMS. Our curriculum project will be shared with other schools. Our Headteacher’s research project has now been amalgamated with research projects from the other grant receiving schools, to produce a major report on the leadership of sustainable schools.